20 IT and technology forecasts


After the end-of-year holidays, two big topics generally fascinate our readers: the recipes to make a quick “detox” after the meals a little too rich, and the tips to hold his good resolutions (this year, it is sure you will get there).

Although we also share these fundamental questions, we prefer to leave the words to specialized sites on these topics … and take you a little further, in 2020, and on other fields, more oriented computer and technology.

The 10 Gartner and IDC forecasts

The Gartner Institutes And IDC have both published their forecasts on IT and technology trends for 2017-2020. Without going into the details of their analyzes that you can find here(by creating a free Gartner account) and here(IDC press review), here is the summary of the 10 main trends identified:

The 10 Gartner forecasts

1) Immersive buying experiences with augmented reality

2) Surfing the web will no longer be done via a screen … but by voice search

By 2020, 30% of web browsing will be done without screen

3) The decline of mobile applications, unprofitable for brands, in favor of an investment in messaging apps (Facebook, iMessage …)

By 2019, 20% of brands will have abandoned their mobile application

4) Using algorithms to positively influence the behavior of employees in the company (eg guiding aircraft pilots to consume less fuel)

By 2020, algorithms will change the behavior of a billion workers

5) Blockchain boom

The business around the blockchain will be worth $ 10 billion by 2022

6) The majority of our activities (digital) will be through the Digital Giants (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon …). The rise of the fusion between the real and digital world will see this trend increase sharply.

By 2021, 20% of all the activities of an individual will involve at least one of the 7 digital giants

7) Innovation requires a very strong investment

In 2019, for every dollar invested in an innovation, it will take 7 for its operational implementation

8) The need for IoT data hosting will remain low

In 2020, IoT data storage demand will not increase more than 3%

9) The Internet of Things Will Deliver Huge Savings for Individuals and Business, Maintenance, Services and Consumables

By 2022, Savings Are Estimated at $ 1 trillion a Year

10) The use of activity trackers will allow employees and their employers to improve their health and reduce associated costs

By 2020, 40% of employees will be able to reduce their health expenses by wearing a tracker connected

The 10 IDC forecasts

1) Massive development of products, services and digital experiences

By 2020, 50% of Global 2000 companies will see their business depending mainly on their ability to create digital products and services

2) Explosion of IT spending for “3rd platform” technologies (= cloud, mobility, big data, social networks)

By 2019, third platform technologies will account for 75% of IT spending

3) Explosion of IT spending by companies in infrastructure and cloud software By 2020, 67% of IT expenses of companies will concern cloud

offers (infra and software)

4) Artificial intelligence will support digital transformation projects and the Internet of Things

By 2019, 40% of digital transformer and 100% for IoT initiatives will be supported by artificial intelligence features.

5) Virtual reality and augmented reality boom in marketing operations

In 2017, 30% of Global 2000 companies will test augmented reality in their marketing efforts

6) Strong increase of industrial collaborative cloud platforms (ICCs) both in companies and at their suppliers

By 2018, the number of ICC will triple, to reach the number of 450.

7) Establishment of teams entirely dedicated to innovation and digital transformation in companies

By the end of 2017, more than 70% of the Global 500 will have set up teams 100% dedicated to innovation or digital transformation

8) The majority of cloud service providers’ revenue will be generated by brokers or distributors

By 2020, more than 70% of their revenues will come from brokers or business partners.

9) The performance of companies will be measured by new indicators, oriented digital transformation

1/3 of the top 20 companies in each industry will not be able to align with these new benchmarks

10) Increased humanity: wave of new technologies interconnected with the human biology

In the mid-2020s, the offers and services around the “Human Augmented” will be mainstream.