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The Block chain and Great Books Distributed

Complex, but historical, amalgamation of network, cryptography and database technologies, blockchain and decentralized registration systems are causing a lot of turmoil in sectors such as health, insurance and especially finance, given the roots of the blockchain in Bitcoin.

If many companies are struggling with the implications of open and decentralized bookkeeping on their business model, the obvious is that most existing transaction logging systems that are closed and proprietary are likely to the end of their useful life. The blockchain and associated models for large ebooks are expected to grow at an annual rate of 58% and create a $ 5.4 billion market by 2023.

Social Business

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Approach that has long combined technology and mindset to create more connected and efficient businesses and communities , the social enterprise remains the most strategic set of ideas and tools for creating modern businesses using new methods of collaboration and communication. Over time, the approach has recorded concrete data on its benefits.

If the name itself becomes aging, the practice remains at the highest in business and steadily increases at an annual rate of 26% via platforms such as corporate social networks and analytic processing. social enterprise.

Big data

A combination of tactical analytic processing and strategic business intelligence that can handle huge amounts of data in a tight timeframe to generate useful business results, big data remains a dominant topic in the software industry and on the list of priorities. CIOs. IDC predicts that the discipline will represent a $ 203 billion industry by 2020, with an annual growth rate of 12%.

Open APIs

As part of the discussion of microservices, with which they overlap a lot, open APIs have reached the maturity that allows them to open up IT for re-use and reworking within enterprises, especially with respect to development communities and business partners.

I have relied on this approach for a decade and finally it is turning into a major industry. While APIs represent many types of technologies and approaches, an important barometer is that of API management platforms, which will represent a $ 3.4 billion market by 2023, through an annual growth rate. 33%.

The collaborative economy

Also known as a sharing economy, the approach of using the web as a platform for exchanging goods and services in a more direct and democratic way has had its ups and downs over the years. Although the implications of the collaborative economy (term created by Jeremiah Owyang) touch the very heart of business models and have turned entire industries upside down, from hotels and restaurants to transport, it is a model that proves a little more difficult than expected to reproduce, although I think for my part that most industries have not yet felt the effects.

That said, respected companies like the Brookings Institute believe the sharing economy will be a staggering $ 335 billion in annual revenue by 2025. As a result, it is back on the list this year as that fundamental technology, although complicated on the existential level.

In conclusion, there are many outstanding technologies on the list of corporate technologies to monitor, a record number in fact, not to mention the list of technologies that are on the horizon and should be even more disruptive in many case. As I pointed out a few years ago, technology cycles are coming faster and faster, and traditionally static strategic planning can not adequately address them.

For most companies, this will involve new ways of thinking about and managing the life cycle of technology adoption . Fortunately, new choices are available to us, as well as new ways to activate the forces of change on a large scale that seem to be better able to adapt to the size and scope of the challenge. In the meantime, we have to admit that we are living in an exciting time, even if we are still literally at the very beginning of digital technologies in business.