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While today’s video games are a great success for many, many players also like to dive back into the past and relive adventures with titles that are now twenty or thirty years old. This activity, called retrogaming , is based mainly on the nostalgia of players who grew up with the first generations of game consoles and arcade kiosks.

Sign of the importance of retrogaming, the organization Internet Archive, known for its site that archives the web and lists a plethora of copyright-free documents, has just opened a new section called ” The Internet Arcade “, which includes several hundred from the 70s to the 90s. In total, no less than 901 titles are listed.

But the most interesting is not the SEO work done by Internet Archive, but rather the fact that it is possible to play these games directly in the browser. Simply select one and click on the link in the listing. The emulation will be done directly in the browser, without the need to install anything.

Free games available on the browser

Obviously, some titles like Pitfall II: Lost Caverns or Ghouls’ N Ghosts may not speak to the youngest, but others have survived the times, like Street Fighter II or Pac-Man. One thing is certain: for players who are today thirty, forty or fifty years old, the reading of some names will plunge them back into their youth, at a time when 2D was the rule.

To enjoy these games, you must use an updated browser. The most important should work without much difficulty, but Internet Archive suggests nevertheless to go through Firefox. The use of a controller may be required because the keyboard and mouse are not always supported. In addition, bugs can occur, but solutions exist for the most common ones.

Know also that the work of Internet Archive is not limited to arcade terminals. The organization has also launched a section called ” The Console Living Room ” which includes this time video games released on consoles, such as Atari 2600 or Sega Megadrive. In all, nineteen machines are listed, each with several associated titles.